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Follow me on Strava


Welcome back to my blog! Holy crap it’s been almost 5 months since my last post. That’s insane.  I have no excuse, I’ve been lax in my blogging admittedly.  I started this journey over 2 years ago on Ideal Protein, then transitioned over to Weight Watchers.  My weight has gone up, down, and up again, and now down again, and I’m starting to learn that it’s OK.

I’m fighting the good fight though, and knowing that TRYING is better than doing NOTHING.


Just to show how my weight has been going (gradually) down over the past 7 months, here’s my Weight Watchers Weight Tracking profile:

The last 12 months of my weight: Total lost so far, 15 lbs

The last 12 months of my weight: Total lost so far, 15 lbs

I’m far from perfect as you can see. This is all about accountability and transparency.  So here is me being accountable:  I still have 20 pounds that I WANT to lose.  Here’s me being transparent: I CAN DO THIS, but it MAY take LONGER than I WANT.  At the end of the day though, I’m 29 years old, I’m sure that fighting weight will be something I fight for a very long time, and I’m really just getting into the second battle, as it were.

My current weight: 186.0 as of yesterday morning (thank you nice people at Weight Watchers for not judging me too harshly).  My weight on January 15th when I weighed in for the first time at Weight Watchers: 201.  I have been down to 184 between then and now, and when I did Ideal Protein I bottomed out at 162, which had no muscle at all and still managed to be flabby.  This time, my goal is 165 but to have some actual MUSCLE under the flab as well as a healthier heart.

What I’m doing to move the scale this week: 31 miles on my bike yesterday, 20 miles on my bike today, hopefully at least 10 miles on my bike tomorrow (back to work for me, and it’s harder for me to bike to work going up hill for a measly 4 miles than do the whole bike trail of 20 miles).  I’m back tracking my food on my Weight Watchers Mobile App, but am honestly pushing more for the exercise this week than the food.  So EVERY day I’m going to try to do SOMETHING physically demanding for at least an hour.  That does NOT include my half an hour walk at lunch, no.  This is an hour of something that makes me sweat.  So if it’s not bike riding for a night, then it’ll be me going for a (shudder) run/jog or going to a Zumba class (kind of shudder, it’s $10/class).

This is just one week I’m trying this.  We’ll see how it goes.  But who knows, I might even surprise myself :)

Thanks for swinging by to my blog, I promise to work on updating a bit more frequently than once every 5 months!

Where is she now?

Well, it’s been nearly 6 (yes 6!) months since my last post, which is a little “OMG” ish right?  What’s happened in that amount of time?  I got back onto working on my weight loss, sans major exercise for now, but will be adding it within the next 2 months, and am on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  They have this slick “Simple Start” system now where you don’t even count points, you just eat a very specific group of foods.

Weight Watchers logo

Does this mean that I’m not ordering from DietDirect again any time soon?  Absolutely not!  I love their products and they’ve NEVER screwed up an order for me, so I’ll keep ordering their products as as a great way for me to have my cake and eat it too!  I especially love the Crispy Fudge & Graham Meal Replacement bars, which net only 4 Points Plus on the Weight Watchers plan, so I can totally handle that (as opposed to the 8-15 Points Plus for a standard candybar).

My blog will still have the  Ideal Protein and alternative content on it, honestly that information was a pain in the butt to track down, so I’m not wiping it off the face of the earth just because I want to add new content to my blog.  So that’ll stay in place, although it won’t be updated really.

I re-joined Weight Watchers on January 4th, 2013 weighing in at 201.4 pounds (omg over 200!), over the next 5 weeks I have lost NEARLY 10 pounds, I’m at 192.6 right now, and am confident I’ll hit that 191.4 this upcoming Saturday when I weigh in.  The loss is slower than when I was on Ideal Protein, but I do find that I’m angry much less of the time ;)  I’m working with the Monthly Pass system, so it’s $42/month, but that gets me as many meetings as I’d like in the span of any given week, as well as the online E-tools.  What’s better, I don’t “have” to buy special food, I just have to eat smaller portions of food that’s not a fruit or vegetable (Weight Watchers points plus doesn’t count points for most fruits or vegetables, with a few exceptions).

So, that’s where I am now, the next step is starting to update my blog more regularly again, let’s see how that goes ;)

Falling off the wagon hurts!

So this is me, off the wagon for exactly one year.  What has happened in that time?  I regained the weight I lost, what?!? You mean I can’t go back to my lifestyle of pizza every weekend and a whole loaf of bread every week and a bag of chocolate candies every week and not maintain my weight?!? What blasphemy is this???

It’s the truth, honey, and that’s all there is to it.

So what have I been up to?  Most recently I’ve started counting calories on myfitnesspal again, have reordered my stock of Wonderslim products (Oatmeal Raisin with Icing cookies is terrible, avoid them like the plague!) And now I’ve rejoined the Adult Soccer League.


I am not a graceful gazelle, but I have a lot of fun.  Recently I also went to Florida with my family which was a total blast, hot, but fun.  And now my goal is simple.  5 pounds.  Just 5.  5 pounds and I can give myself a pat on the back.  I won’t say what my end goal is, that’s way at the other end of the field.  Right now my goal is just to get the ball off the line, so to speak.

So here’s to a new day.  I guess it all really comes down to the fact that weight loss is a journey, not just a destination.  My journey continues, and so does my blog.

Zoe Goes Running…Tour De France on foot???

So, I stumbled on some random Health article that talked about how this woman started running, yes running the Tour De France on May 15th and plans to finish the 2,000 mile (yes, 2 thousand) journey before the bikes finish.  She wrote a blog called Zoe Goes Running, and I’m having a blast reading about her adventure.