Ideal Protein Phases 1-4 (Standard)

Due to threatened legal action, I had to pull down the PDFs of the Ideal Protein Phases.  Basically, the breakdown of the phases is this:


1 – Until 90%-100% of weightloss is achieved)  Breakfast: Packet + vitamins  |  Lunch: Packet  + 2 cups veggies  |  Snack:  Packet    |  Dinner:  5 oz Lean Meat unless fish, then 7 oz + 2 cups veggies + Vitamins

Note: Drink water all day, use salt to balance any headaches you’re experiencing, no dairy or fruit allowed except 1 ounce of skim milk if you have coffee/tea with breakfast

2 – Continue for 2 weeks) Breakfast: Packet + vitamins | Lunch: 5 oz Lean Meat unless fish, then 7 oz +2 cups  veggies | Snack: Packet  |  Dinner: 5 oz Lean Meat unless fish, then 7 oz + 2 cups veggies + vitamins

Note: Drink water all day, use salt to balance any headaches you’re experiencing, no dairy or fruit allowed except 1 ounce of skim milk if you have coffee/tea with breakfast

3 – Continue for 2 weeks) Breakfast: Complex Carbs from 2 sources, fruits and grains, one serving of protein one serving of fat/dairy (no more than 30g carbs from Grains, 20g carbs from Fruit, at least 25g protein-not protein powder but actual eggs etc., no more than 120 calories from dairy, or roughly 8 oz low fat plain yogurt, no more than 15g total fat PER DAY combined items   +  vitamins  |  Lunch:  5 oz lean meat unless fish, then 7 oz + 2 cups veggies  |  Snack:  Packet  |  Dinner: 5 oz lean meat unless fish, then 7 oz   +  2 cups veggies +  vitamins

Note:  This phase is all about restarting the pancreas.

4 – Maintenance)

17 comments on “Ideal Protein Phases 1-4 (Standard)

    • That’s tough to hear! Remember as you get closer to your ideal weight your loss may slow or stall. Also, keep an eye on your muscle mass, a tiny bump in muscle can add up to a pound quickly. You can do boot camp for a few days to get the scale to move, do all packets instead of the actual protein for dinner, and don’t forget your water!!

    • Thank you for your input, and you are absolutely correct! Without getting “too” into the details of things, I can say that I am “sensitive” to the whey protein, so constipation is never an issue for me :S

  1. I have been on the diet for 5 weeks and have only lost 5 lbs. I am getting very discouraged. I only had 10 total lbs to lose, but this is very hard.
    I am in ketosis and exercise daily. Thoughts?

    • Mari:

      Once you get so close to goal, it might be time to switch up into another methodology such as diet+exercise to lose those last few stubborn pounds. How are you sure you’re in ketosis? Are you using ketone test strips?

  2. I am 6 days in and am down 4 lbs coach strongly suggested to NOT work out strenuously…go for walks..30-60 minutes but stay off the hills that I use on the trails to bump up the cardio…and I find a 30-45 minute walk is lots. What a program…lots to eat, and do not move around too much…easy peasy.

  3. Sunday I will complete phase 2, looking forward to phase 3 as I was always a big breakfast eater…I started march 3 – see previous comment – and I have now burned off….never say lost cause you might find it again….burned off over 24 lbs of FAT FAT FAT… was not really easy, but neither was it very hard…I am very pleased with this plan…be patient with yourself…I am 57,always a big eater, munchie, munchie especially at night, and have wanted to do this for a very long time…and know… I just DID it…and you can too. GOOD LUCK…ruthie

    • Ruthie:
      Thank you soooo much for your support!!! I’m working on living a more active lifestyle right now, but admitedly need to work on my diet (yet again). I have hope though that this will move me in a positive direction.

    • I started ideal protein on august 4th of 2014.
      Was 315.8, now im 225.8 on january 14th 2015. Im down 90 lbs . Just 10 to go to my goal and phase 2. Ty so much ideal protein life is worth living again

  4. I am just getting started on the Ideal Protein (I hate using the word “diet”). Any suggestions for someone just beginning? I do not like vegetables (hence the reason I need Ideal Protein) and I don’t know how to prepare them (not a big cooker). I’m committed to the lifestyle change, I’m just not sure where to start . . .

    • Sheryl:

      Firstly, congratulations on making the life change! If you hate vegetables, then learning to work with Ideal Protein may be a bit challenging. The vegetable intake for the day is 2 cups twice daily. If you HATE (and I mean H-A-T-E) vegetables, then learning to disguise them in the shakes may be the way to go. Use a small blender to make them into a veggie smoothy and then add a complimentary shake flavor. With Wonderslim I found that their creamy vegetable soup works great as a sauce with steamed veggies, and I could get through my 4 cups per day pretty well with that. Learning to prepare vegetables is sometimes a daunting task, but I assure you it’s very rewarding! For a while I was buying prepackaged carrots, cauliflower florets etc. because it was EASIER for me to grab and go than sit there cutting it up. If it takes making it a convenience to find success, then start there and work your way back to the higher demanding portion of making them yourself :)

      Good luck and keep me updated!

    • You don’t have to pay to check out my site, but if you buy supplements or diet products from diet direct, you do have to pay for those. Use the affiliate link on my page to get $10 off your first order, that’ll help a bit, and it’s cheaper than IP which is nice.

  5. hi, its me again…9 months since my last communication…and 7 pounds!…So i have begun phase 1 again, and you know what…that*s no biggie…to gain a few back…but now I hope it to be easier, and quicker because I do not have that much do burn off…a couple of weeks in phase one will probably be sufficient…and so much less pressure because….. been there, done that….except less to burn off…get into form for summer…I look at this program as much a cleanse, and break for my pancrease, as an outright DIET….deliberately eating very clean, removing all junk, water, water every day…we try to do it right, but we are human after all, and I enjoy a good meal of BBQ ribs and potato salad, but hopefully only occasionally….try to maintain my weight through summer and fall…and if I put on a few, I will not beat myself up about it…..which would probably cause me to need a hot fudge sundae, or fry with gravy
    I wish everyone who attempts this adventure, all the best of luck….don*t see it as a punishment for enjoying good food…accept the challenge, embrace the potential in you…. get into the mindset…you know you can…ruthie

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