My “personal” healthiest choice is not the rice, I’m not a fan of rice, and I’d rather play in traffic than eat a salad for lunch, so here we go:

Chicken Philly , Fire-balled:

Chicken | Mushrooms | Onions | Green Peppers | Jalapenos | Sliced Cheese | Shredded Cheese | 10 Ounce “Hearth” Roll

Here’s how it ultimately breaks down (note, the shredded and sliced cheese contribute 255 calories, 20g fat, and 1g carb to this):

Calories: 730.8

Calories from Fat: 344 g

Total Fat: 38.5 g

Saturated Fat: 16.5 g

Total Carbohydrates: 40.9 g (34 came from the bun, yes)

Fiber: 2.6 g (ain’t gonna keep me full too long it seems!)

Protein: 51.9 g (halleluiah, one good feature of all this!)

In conclusion, if I wanted to shave off 255g of calories and 20g of fat by skipping out on the cheese, this puppy would only be about 480 calories and 18.5g of fat

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