TurkeyBurger Today!

So tonight I had turkey burgers with my husband, and had a great deal of trepidation about the whole affair.  Amazingly, my burger was good, no scratch that, amazing.  Made the burgers on the griddle inside the house because, well I’m lazy and our grill is virtually from another planet where they have hover cars and have robotic maids who also make martinis and margaritas.

So enough about the grill, back to the burger.  I used a lettuce leaf for the first time, full of fear that the meat would rip it and it’d be weird and not taste good.  Well I shouldn’t have worried, because it was delicious.  I used a bit of Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch sauce, Heinz reduced sugar Ketchup and Land O’ Lakes powdered 3-cheese sprinkle to give me the impression of having a “cheese” burger.

The flavor was spicy with an aftertaste of cheese and ketchup, and absolutely perfect.  This will definitely be a go-to for me in the future when i’m craving a burger.

Thankfully Thursday

Well it’s nearly Friday, and that means nearly time for my rummage sale, yikes!  I have postponed it to Saturday morning as we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow…ok that’s a lie, I’m a procrastinator by nature and am dreading this garage sale.  I have maybe 5-6 boxes of stuff to sell, and have to run around town to pick up stuff from other people who want me to try and sell their belongings, which would be fine, except that I then have to set up the thing, host it, and give them their money at the end of it.  Meh, just kind of blah about that part.

So today I’m hardcopying all the Ideal Protein things that I can find and putting their nutritional information into an Excel spreadsheet…why? I have no idea, but it seemed like a good idea at the time…

I lost .4 pounds again this morning, back down to 177.8 instead of 180.2 that I was yesterday, man that was a set back I’ll say!  I’m changing my eating each day to see if it affects my loss.  Today I had my shake at breakfast, then I had a bar (Atkins) for lunch instead of my shake, then I’ll have my 2nd shake of the day later, probably around 4:00-4:30 or so (assuming I don’t get too hungry by then) and eat dinner at 7:30 or so instead of 6:30, but hoping that will make me have less junk in my system when I go to bed…Have to wait and see.

Wandering Wednesday

Well It’s Wednesday, and I have my protein shake ready to go for lunch, but it is cold and crappy outside, so I’m seriously leaning towards making a bowl of chicken cucumber soup (don’t knock it til you try it) with my one emergency pack of “hot” packet that I can make.  I’ve been thinking soup for the last couple days and it might just be time to consider that as my lunch instead of always a shake and cucumber for a snack.  

Life is speeding along at the speed of life, being a grownup sucks, and being on a diet can make it suck a little more.  I have a stash of Bud Light w/ Lime at home for “the Bad Day” whenever that hits (I believe in being prepared), it’s only 5g of carbs so actually not too bad.Image

And I have hot chocolate that’s low carb as well as some Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding/Shake that I can turn into a whipped hot chocolate dream in under 30 seconds flat.

Argh today is just crawling by it seems!  My recipe book has taken a back seat to putting my house back together after a couple of weeks of “Eh, I’ll do it later” has turned it from its former state of respect to a smaller version of Animal House.

Oh well, off to save the world, one thing at a time it appears, and drink my tea, omnom!

Calories, Carbs, Fat and weightloss … hmmm

So here is a second post in a single day, I feel like I’m overtaxing my poor brain, but this was just hijacked off of my other blog, so aside from the intro, it’s all the same.

One video stated that when you do aerobic exercise (meaning With air, you can breath mostly normally while doing this) you burn FAT first, and CARBS later (1-2 days later actually) and if you do anaerobic exercise (meaning Without air, like heavy lifting and sprinting so you’re gasping), you burn CARBS first, and FAT later.  Fat is like the savings account, it’s there, you can tap into when things get a little tight, but you don’t really “need” it right away.  Carbs are like checking, you hit that puppy up any time there is a sale at Macy’s.  Carbs are what provide the short term burst energy that keep us going when we suddenly start exerting ourselves, whereas fat is more conducive to a leisurely pace.  I walk, so I burn FAT more than CARBS.  You don’t just burn one or the other, it’s always a mix.

Today I learned that:

1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories

And I already knew that:

3500 calories = 1 pound


875 grams of carbohydrates = 1 pound

388 grams of fat = 1 pound

That’s a lot of things to burn, just saying, talkin’ 388 grams of fat? I don’t think I eat that much in a week, the carb thing though, that is making more sense with this Ideal Protein diet now (average carb consumption somewhere between 200-400g / day, we cut back to around 30g, you’re looking at a net loss of 170-370g / day, times 7 days, you’re looking at a minimum of 1 pound / week)

So today I walked, and will be mowing my lawn, for a total calorie loss of roughly 315 (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less).  I took 315 and split it into a 70/30 (70% fat burned, 30% carbs burned, again, I was walking)  I know, math sucks, but in this case, it’s interesting.  So I “theoretically” burned about 24.5 grams of fat off today and 23 grams of carbohydrates off today.  I’m hoping that’s a start for getting caught up to yesterday’s “oops”

Warning, my Kitchen is defended by a Ninja!

$89 from Walmart

So I bought a Ninja at Walmart last night, when my knock off brand Magic Bullet was not able to crush ice efficiently and my husband got sick of hearing the meat tenderizer (metal mallet) thwack against the countertops 20-30 times every morning while I made my morning frappuccino.   I just think he was a wimp, but now instead of having a 200 Watt little mini blender for making my ice (and subsequently the rest of my shake in a separate container) I now have 900 Watts of multi-leveled powered blades spinning at a dizzying speed, literally creating snow in a matter of seconds.  It has replaced my toaster on the counter top (because I can’t eat toast, why use a toaster?) and is the apple of my eye.

Will I still use my little Cooks brand single serve blender? Yes, I’ll dump the fresh ice from my Ninja into the Cooks and make my smoothies that way, so I don’t have to wash out that 72 ounce container (instead just a quick rinse as soon as the ice is out.

So my frappuccino consists of : 6 ice cubes – crushed to snowy goodness, one scoop of GNC Amp 60 Extreme protein powder, and 4 ounces of room temperature coffee, made in my Keurig.  Throw them together in my bullet-wannabe and instant frappuccino!  I sometimes add a bit of Atkin’s vanilla shake (instant already made) to make it have a bit of a milky texture, but that’s rare.  I think the first 20 grams of protein from the protein powder is probably sufficient for breakfast…and now I can learn all that I can and become: The Blending Ninja!