Warning, my Kitchen is defended by a Ninja!

$89 from Walmart

So I bought a Ninja at Walmart last night, when my knock off brand Magic Bullet was not able to crush ice efficiently and my husband got sick of hearing the meat tenderizer (metal mallet) thwack against the countertops 20-30 times every morning while I made my morning frappuccino.   I just think he was a wimp, but now instead of having a 200 Watt little mini blender for making my ice (and subsequently the rest of my shake in a separate container) I now have 900 Watts of multi-leveled powered blades spinning at a dizzying speed, literally creating snow in a matter of seconds.  It has replaced my toaster on the counter top (because I can’t eat toast, why use a toaster?) and is the apple of my eye.

Will I still use my little Cooks brand single serve blender? Yes, I’ll dump the fresh ice from my Ninja into the Cooks and make my smoothies that way, so I don’t have to wash out that 72 ounce container (instead just a quick rinse as soon as the ice is out.

So my frappuccino consists of : 6 ice cubes – crushed to snowy goodness, one scoop of GNC Amp 60 Extreme protein powder, and 4 ounces of room temperature coffee, made in my Keurig.  Throw them together in my bullet-wannabe and instant frappuccino!  I sometimes add a bit of Atkin’s vanilla shake (instant already made) to make it have a bit of a milky texture, but that’s rare.  I think the first 20 grams of protein from the protein powder is probably sufficient for breakfast…and now I can learn all that I can and become: The Blending Ninja!


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