Wandering Wednesday

Well It’s Wednesday, and I have my protein shake ready to go for lunch, but it is cold and crappy outside, so I’m seriously leaning towards making a bowl of chicken cucumber soup (don’t knock it til you try it) with my one emergency pack of “hot” packet that I can make.  I’ve been thinking soup for the last couple days and it might just be time to consider that as my lunch instead of always a shake and cucumber for a snack.  

Life is speeding along at the speed of life, being a grownup sucks, and being on a diet can make it suck a little more.  I have a stash of Bud Light w/ Lime at home for “the Bad Day” whenever that hits (I believe in being prepared), it’s only 5g of carbs so actually not too bad.Image

And I have hot chocolate that’s low carb as well as some Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding/Shake that I can turn into a whipped hot chocolate dream in under 30 seconds flat.

Argh today is just crawling by it seems!  My recipe book has taken a back seat to putting my house back together after a couple of weeks of “Eh, I’ll do it later” has turned it from its former state of respect to a smaller version of Animal House.

Oh well, off to save the world, one thing at a time it appears, and drink my tea, omnom!

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