TurkeyBurger Today!

So tonight I had turkey burgers with my husband, and had a great deal of trepidation about the whole affair.  Amazingly, my burger was good, no scratch that, amazing.  Made the burgers on the griddle inside the house because, well I’m lazy and our grill is virtually from another planet where they have hover cars and have robotic maids who also make martinis and margaritas.

So enough about the grill, back to the burger.  I used a lettuce leaf for the first time, full of fear that the meat would rip it and it’d be weird and not taste good.  Well I shouldn’t have worried, because it was delicious.  I used a bit of Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch sauce, Heinz reduced sugar Ketchup and Land O’ Lakes powdered 3-cheese sprinkle to give me the impression of having a “cheese” burger.

The flavor was spicy with an aftertaste of cheese and ketchup, and absolutely perfect.  This will definitely be a go-to for me in the future when i’m craving a burger.

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