Why Lose weight?

I’m so glad that I made it through the day at work with minimal insanity.  Dealt with the stupid motorcycle people and am now looking at what I want to do for weight loss motivation.  I want to look sexy, that’s a “duh” thing.  But what else, what is the urge that makes me want to lose weight?  Is it really enough to look into a mirror and think “Huh, I’m not fat anymore”?  I hate thinking I am so shallow that that will actually work for my motivation.  How sad is that?


Chipmunk RAGE!!!!

Today has been an exercise in patience, anger management, and self control.

I had to call a motorcycle parts company (btw hubby and I both have motorcycles, but his is in 2,000 pieces right now due to a rebuild) to see whether something was shipped yet, after a month, and they gave me a total runaround, and it sucked!

So now I’m back to debating whether to call Sweden (who the company would have ordered from in the first place), paying the $1.75/minute international long distance fee or just eat my shoe and wait it out.

On an up note, my new pattern eating seemed to pay off yesterday, down 0.6 pounds this morning, to a perfectly round 177.0  … I’m officially closer to 175 than I am to 180 now!