Tuna Patties on a Monday Night = good deal

So I was at work today, barely got through I swear, only to come home and wonder, what to make?  Everything is frozen!! (Run around in circles panicking for 5 minutes) and then I realized, I had been wanting to make tuna patties for a while, after hearing that egg helps them stay moist and hold together better.  So here’s the recipe and oh my god was it gooooood!  I laid down like 6 lettuce leafs on the plate, the put the patties on top in case they dribbled or fell apart, and then put on tricolor peppers and onions for my vegetable.

Spicy Tuna Patties

12 ounce can of Chicken of the Sea – Light tuna in Water
2 small eggs
2 tsp of spicy mustard (0/0/0)
Old Bay to taste (I used 1/2 tsp)
Cayenne Pepper to taste (I used a sprinkle )
Onion Powder (I used enough to cover one layer of the tuna that was in a cereal bowl, estimate 1/4 tsp?)
Mix up thoroughly with a fork until consistency is a bit thinner than a tuna sandwich would be…
Place on a preheated griddle in four crab-cake style lumps (sprayed with Pam Olive Oil cooking spray) and cover for approx 4 minutes (I had an electric skillet, it was 300 degrees), flip and cook another 4 minutes, leaving the cover on again. The bottom should be crisp and firm, the edges still soft and the middle the consistency of a normal tuna sandwich or tuna melt.
Drizzle with red chili pepper olive oil for an amazing flavor

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