Experiment, Day 2

Today is day 2 of a “controlled” experiment for me.  I am changing up my eating patterns to see if it effects my weight loss.  The theory is that fluid (shakes) pass through my system in a different manner than solids (food/bars/veggies).  My “normal day” consisted primarily of:


L:Shake + veggies


D:Meat + veggies

Snack:Bar (if I didn’t have it earlier in the day).

My goal now is to see if I alternate solid and liquid if it will assist my weight loss.  So here is my “current” trend:

B: Shake

S: Bar (or actual lunch w/ meat/veggies)

L: Shake (later in the day, today was at 16:20 hrs)

D: Meat + veggies

If I get snacky later in the evening, I’ll have tea or coffee to curb the “edge” and stick with liquid until I fall asleep.  Goal is to do this for five days (I’d like to say a full week, but weekends don’ work well for experiments with me) and see if I’ve had as much, more, or less loss than normal five day period.

Still no exercising this week, need to see how this is effecting my weight loss goals, although I realize I will need to begin to tone by the time I am down to about 160 lbs due to being able to see through the fat somewhat at that point (in theory).

I should point out that my loss from last night to this morning was -0.4 pounds, resulting in me weighing 175.6 LBS (yes I’m actually super pumped about this # as it is nearly 174.8 which will indicate 20 pounds lost forever)

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