Experiment: Day 3

Alright so today has been nuts, so my experiment is a bit abysmal right now.

B: Shake

L: Buffalo Wild Wings, 9 spicy garlic wings with regular ranch dressing (no veggies yet)


D:Veggies x 4 cups (holy vegetables this will be a ton) , not doing “real” protein due to my copious amounts of chicken wings I had during lunch.  My veggies will be sauteed peppers and onions for sure, as I can pack away those like it is no body’s business.

Was super pumped that I woke up today at 175 pounds, first time I’ve been this weight since…let’s see, personal trainer was March 2010 and I got down to 176.2…so Probably before I got my job as a 911 dispatcher (which I no longer do) and that was in December 2008.  I have officially erased nearly four years of fat from my body, and the sad thing is, my next “weight jump” will be my lowest weight since weight watchers, which got me down to about 165 I believe (hard to remember).  Before that I didn’t keep track of my weight except my freshman year in college (2003) which was about 125.

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