Let’s unroll some fat, people!

First , let me point out that the comma in my title is absolutely essential, from an English standpoint, as the phrase would read “Let’s unroll some fat  people” otherwise, indicating that fat people would getting unrolled at a time yet to be determined.

Second, this concept is not my own, but was so brilliant I thought that others should know it as well.

A brilliant person on my forums (3fatchicks.com) mentioned how losing weight is like unrolling a paper towel roll.  I choose toilet paper roll instead because let’s face it, most people unroll more of these in a lifetime than they do paper towel rolls (and if you don’t, you probably should take a hard look at your paper towel consumption).  As the sheets are pulled off the rolls, for whatever reason, you notice that as you get closer to the barrel (little brown cardboard insert) that the roll seems to get smaller, faster.  Weight loss, or rather, noticing weight loss, is very similar to this philosophy.

Many people losing weight tend to feel no one notices for the first 5, 10, 15, heck 20 pounds and can easily begin to get discouraged.  Since toilet paper is cheap, do this experiment.  For every POUND you want to lose, or feel like you’ve lost, unroll  a sheet of toilet paper.  Just 1 because these little guys don’t have as many sheets as we have pounds to lose sometimes (unless you get the double rolls!).  Notice what happens for the first 10 “pounds”…do you really see a difference in the roll?  You could probably leave it on the toilet paper holder in the bathroom, and no one would be the wiser of our little experiment.  Now go ahead and unroll ANOTHER 10 sheets, indicating the next 10 pounds.  Are you noticing a change yet?

The more weight you lose, the more noticeable it becomes.  Our bodies, the actual bone and muscle structure that would ideally stay the same, are the “barrel” of our toilet paper rolls.  Our fat is the actual sheet that will be removed each time we drop a pound.  The closer you are to a goal weight, the more noticeable your loss will become.  Is it cruel because the beginning of something is always the hardest?  Absolutely.  But is it worth it in the long run?

You bet.

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