Sunburned Sunday

So it’s yet another day, and now I’m paying the price for not being able to reach my entire back with my sunscreen.  I have  a big ol’ splotch in the middle that fees pretty much on fire, which is so not awesome!  I also gained 0.4 pounds from yesterday, although I did not me sure whether it was muscle or fat.  I will do that tomorrow when it’s time for my weigh in officially.

I knew that this would be a slow loss period for me, as 175 was a plateau I had really really feared.  I’m hoping once I crunch through it that my loss will pick up again.

Also, last week’s experiment made me hungry, constantly.  So instead of me making my shake/solid/shake/solid, I’ve decided this week to try a shake/packet/shake/solid approach to see if that improves things for me.  One day of having lunch out was enough to throw off my whole week when I did that last experiment, so this week, starting tomorrow, it’ll be a shake for breakfast, the soup and veggies for lunch, regular dinner, then a shake for a snack before bedtime.  Hopefully this will help me get to where I want to be, although losing another 15 pounds in 2 months is actually seeming kind of daunting now, which is weird as hell for me.  Still, whenever I get there, that’ll mean a 35 pound loss and down to 160 pounds, so f* it, I’m good with that.

Today’s goal is to work on my recipe book for at LEAST 2 hours and see how much progress I can make.

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