It’s a lovely day in the Neighborhood…

Or at Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill.  I just got done checking out their nutritional information:


I can have a 7 ounce sirloin, saute’d garlic mushrooms, grilled onions and broccoli as my sides for 10g of carbs and 12g of fat.  To me, that is acceptable, since 1 tbsp of butter is like 10g of fat and most “restricted” bars have at least 10g of carbs.  Oh, and I get 35g of protein, which is kind of a major bonus for me.

I already had my shake, so there’s 20g of Protein already, and to top it off another 35g just about an hour later.  I should really not be hungry until like 7:00 or 8:00 tonight at this rate…

**Update** It’s 5:10PM and I feel like I could eat again…obviously my stomach wasn’t convinced about the protein content of the steak…Oh well, water for me, and tuna patties for dinner tonight, le’ drool for me 😀

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