New Experiment, day 2 of 7

Alright, so last week’s experiment was a fail, except I’m not sure if it was because I went out to eat like 4 times or because the way I did my foods didn’t work.

Either way, it’s time to move onto the next theory: I’m calling it “Shake it off!” and it’s because that’s what my protein “packet” replacements will be, my GNC Amp 60 shake mix, up to 3 “servings” (one actual serving) per day, 60g of protein total and 7g of carbs (6g net carbs), plus my 4 cups veggies, one actual meal and oil/salt intake.

Yesterday was day 1, today is the beginning of day 2, and while I didn’t have any weight loss this morning, I am confident tomorrow will show movement one way or another at least.  High salt content in the evening is a “no no” because it causes me to retain water.

Alright, so phase II of experimentation continues this week…stay tuned for results.

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