Twenty Pound Tuesday

Well it’s official.  I’m out of my funk and focused again.  I lost 20 pounds so far on my Ideal Protein-Modified diet, and yes I’m calling it a diet, and I’m OK with that.  20 pounds in 7 weeks.  I “might” be within 5-10 pounds of squeezing into the next pant size down (coveted 10’s, followed by lustful 8’s hopefully)

I went to lunch at Applebee’s and am proud to report I made it to 10g Carbs and only 12g Fat with a whopping 35g protein intake, so feeling pretty darn impressed with myself.  Turns out the last two weeks I had a Cabernet Mushroom Sirloin which had a “dainty” 39g of carbs in ONE SERVING.  I think that might have had something to do with my stall in weight loss.

I learned my lesson though, and am getting the nutritional fact sheets from any and all restaurant I plan on frequenting, including but not limited to Buffalo Wild Wings (whom I love so dearly).  My bracelet is jangling away with its newest charm, a motorcycle (to remind me I want to look HAWT for the Sturgis Rally this year) and it’s reviving my hope that I CAN and WILL do this.

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