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Wondrous Wednesday

Well I made it another day, another dollar, so to speak.  Weighed in this morning with a lovely drop of 0.6 LBS, making my overall loss now 20.8 LBS, I can feel 25 LBS just around the monthly corner, so to speak.  I’d love to be at least down another 4 pounds by June 30, just a personal goal, plus going to Valley Fair in Minnesota with some fam, hitting IKEA while I’m there (talk about easy to exercise in THAT store!) and want to look fab for the trip, and have less flab to wave in the breeze as I ride my motorcycle.  I modified my weightloss bracelet.  It now has a much more streamline look, and I think I’ll stick with it until I hit about 40 lbs, then I’ll have to upgrade to a necklace.  I already have the chain and it’ll be super cute with the beads I’ve picked out for it, for sure!

Drinking my shakes again today, yarg day 3 of this particular experiment.  Last week seemed to be going as well, then it all went to hell on Friday, so I’m hoping that this week is not a repeat.  Have chores to do today, hoping to burn a few calories lifting loads of laundry or pushing the vacuum when I get home, but only time will tell.

Note to self:  Next post will be on Ketosis, what it is, why it’s controversial, and various opinions of the matter.