Shake-in, not Stirred…

So it’s day…what…4 of my shake experiment?  My GNC Amp Wheybolic 60 is kicking the crap out of my weight it seems.  This morning I woke to a loss of 1.4 pounds from last night (yes, from 174.0 to 172.6, no joke).  So far, so good with this week, the only day I didn’t LOSE I maintained (Monday to Tuesday, not uncommon).  Could I do only shakes 3x per day?  No way, not longer than a week.  It is just too much of the same thing.  However, I will continue this experiment to see if this is something I may want to do as a once a month “push” or potentially if I hit a dreaded “plateau”.

I was positive my plateau would be 175 lbs, as I can’t really remember the last time I weighed less than that, oh yeah I can, but not since 2008.  So now I’m wondering if my plateau will be 170…any takers?  Not sure about that, but we’ll have to wait and see I suppose…

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