Super freakishly productive Saturday

So today I’m apparently getting caught up for the week. I’m currently at a grocery deli waiting for two eggs and bacon for breakfast, which will be followed by visiting my grandfather (who is one of the coolest people in the world btw) , then selling my books and DVDs at a Last Stop CD shop used book store type place, getting the oil changed in my pickup, grocery shopping, then cleaning the house.
Wow I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but I really feel like I can handle it.
I made the grievous error of forgetting to drink my shake for breakfast, hence my layover in Brandon, SD.


Oh and tonight after dinner I’m coming back to the town I’m currently in to visit family and go swimming at a hotel…assuming my suit still fits…

Breakfast has still not arrived, despite my eyes burning a hole through the wall behind which the chef is busy creating deliciousness for who I am pretty sure is a mini league baseball team of 8, while they babble about winning their game today. The oldest looks about 10? Maybe?
It takes me back to when I used to play soccer and would hang out with the team after a game…wait, no we never did that. We got back into our moms’ vans and drove away; win, lose or draw.
Still, it’s cute to see the kids so excited I will admit. Apparently some of them got bored of waiting for their food and ran off to cause some sort of mischief around the grocery store or attached convenience store.
I will admit, a 15-20 minute wait for eggs feels a little extreme, but maybe these eggs will change my life, who knows.

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