Paint Thinner

Hello world, this is me.  I was working on painting my husband’s motorcycle radiator cover tonight, and just got the respirator on, and thought I’d say a quick “Hello”!  The project will look epic when it’s done, I just hope my feet recover.

I paint barefoot to help prevent my shoes from getting dirty.  Unfortunately it makes my feet be black and my floor black except for the spots where my feet were at, resulting in the effect of brownie-like feet running around a paint booth.  Dinner tonight was just quick, some stir fried chicken and tri color peppers, then a shake after dinner and some serious working out in my paint booth.

Tomorrow will bring some more black painting, and then a new endeavor, PlastiDipping the anodized aluminum tins from my husband’s v-rod.  With any luck I’ll be able to finish it all up by tomorrow night, and then start working on creating the new license plate mount on Wednesday, and then  helping finish building on Thursday, then riding on Friday.

Motivated Monday

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, or it will be until the temp hits 90 degrees and sunny with little breeze.  Oh well, at least I am in air conditioning so the temperature will stay relatively cool.  I was informed by my husband multiple times the past week that I am starting to look “pretty darned good”, so I think that means it’ll be time for a photo op again, some time soon.  I was going to get a photo at 175, but forgot, and now I’m down to 172.6 and thinking I’ll wait until I’m in the 160’s to get the next picture taken.  Did I mention I barely have 2 and a half pounds to lose before I’m out of the 170’s???? That is so awesome!!! (proceed to bounce off the wall in joy).

Let’s see, what else is new…motorcycle is nearly together, that’ll be awesome to ride along the side of it and see all the people oogle, and my experiment from last week was a mostly-success (I did lose more weight than using packets + shakes) so this week I’m going to attempt to do it again.  It helps that I actually like my shake mix, and that I’ve learned to make it like 4 different ways.

So I’ve lost 20 pounds now, 22.2 to be exact, and I can see the picture of what 20 pounds looks like, it’s like 22 stacks of butter…eew.  This is my motivation, to get rid of more “butter” from my body.  This week my goal is to get more data up on the blog move some posts into pages (see “The Salty Truth”) for my research area…Eventually I will learn this whole blog layout concept, but for now I’m just hoping all my followers bear with me.  And although I’m not here yet, any time I think “I can’t do this”: