The longest day is over! Long Live the Queen!

I sit on my couch, lounging in my super soft blanky, thanking god for letting me make it through the day.  The motorcycle isn’t finished, no, but it’s damn close at this point.  My husband and dad-in-law put together the back wheel assembly, shifter, brake, put the handle bars on (thank you Your Highness for you god damn stupid diamond jubilee that caused the handlebars to be 10 days behind schedule, yes really, 10.  We ordered them May 30th, and they wouldn’t ship until June 11th due to banks being closed for this stupid event.

Sorry Queen lady, but my handlebars in America are more important to me than your diamonds in England, just saying.

So we are still waiting on some master cylinders from Sweden

And then it’ll be time to stitch everything up, get some brake lines (ya know, those are important), oil, and hit the start button and pray…I didn’t have to end up painting tonight, so I’m surprisingly chipper 🙂  It’s not like it takes that much to make me have a good day really…pretty much a night free from additional work makes my week.

As long as nothing is held up in Customs (damn you customs!) it should all move nicely into completion either tomorrow or EARLY next week…as the cylinders should have been here today…but since the handlebars showed up from England, maybe the cylinders are right behind them.

Well, I suppose I should make sure the garage didn’t explode in my absence…have a great night, world, and I’ll see you in the morning.

Spinach Shake and other disasters

So today has been uneventful, which is unfortunately a bad thing.  Eventful would mean motorcycle parts have come in (My heart has arrhythmia as my husband is off to the post office to see if they arrived from over seas yet…), that the lottery was won, and that my pets learned to cook and clean the house while I was at work.

I suppose I can’t complain, but sometimes it is nice to have a few NICE surprises creep in like a thief in the night and actually LEAVE something nice behind instead of taking valuables…just saying…oh wait, that’s Santa.

So who is ready for the first “real” day of summer?  Today is the LONGEST day of the year, which blows if the day is starting out as feeling long in the first place…just saying…

My shake at lunch was a disaster…consisted of my GNC Amp and my 2 cups of spinach, blended up with water.  Just thinking about it made my stomach flip flop right now…normally I bust out the good ol’ Ninja (why am I saying old? It’s less than a month old!) and it sucks that spinach down, turns it into babyfood, and pours it out in the consistency of water.  Today I decided to be l-azy and use my single serve blender for the whole shebang.  I will tell you, spinach stems inside of foamy chocolate is NOT my idea of a good time.

I’m hoping the pain was worth it as long as I don’t have a gain for the next 3 days.  I will settle, gladly, for a no change for the next 3 days, I don’ really care.  But if I have a gain, then this spinach debacle will just be made that much worse, and I’ll be hard pressed to go through that pain again…and I’ve learned, don’t be lazy when dealing with spinach…it’s bad enough my shake ends up green instead of chocolatey…

Week 8, day 4 of my diet

Weighed again this morning, apparently sleep deprivation and spray painting agree with me, down another 0.6 LBS woohoo!  So this week I’ve lost: 1.0, 0.4, 0.6 lbs respectively, so I would like to say, hell yeah!  Not only that but I’m almost sweet 16! Or rather, into the 160’s, which I haven’t seen in a WHILE (thinking 5 years…) so 170.6 today, hoping tomorrow is down again.  I know this is a honeymoon, but I still can dream.  Most weeks my total loss is 1.5-2.5 approximately, so hoping for a 3 lb loss this week I don’t think is really practical, but hell, maybe my body was just getting a breather before starting some heavier losses…in .8 pounds I get another bead for my charm bracelet, that’ll be 5 charms on this little guy, 5 reminders that I am WORTH THIS and that I DESERVE THIS and that I CAN REALLY ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH THIS.  Ok done with the all caps.  Good morning to the world.

More sleep…please?

So…I’m sleeping, blissfully, and wake up at 4:00AM…to pee…downside of this diet, I pee, frequently.  So I’m awake, I pee, I flush, I wash, I drag my sorry self back to bed, and what happens?  My smallest pet, a cat named Lance, nicknamed “Critter” starts this extremely pitiful cry.  It’s almost like a kitten’s mew, but a little more gravelly.  So he starts serenading me at 4:10AM or so…and I do my best to A) Ignore him, then B) Placate him and have him come lay on me so I can pet him and shut him up, followed by C) Throw an empty water bottle at him as his volume increases, finally by D) Picking his sorry as up and taking him to one of the only rooms in the house safe to stash him in;the bathroom.  Now before you call PETA on me, he has his litter box in there and I also put a little plate of food in for him.  He really only needed to survive 3 hours before it was time for me to ACTUALLY get out of bed.

I go back to bed, prepared for bliss (with a headache throbbing in my temples now), and start dozing off…until about 4:30 when Mokka, Lance’s big brother starts singing.  He does a cross between a yowl, a vibrator and Barry Manilow, and it’s just his thing.  He can’t get to Lance, so he’s pissed, and yowling at the damn door to the bathroom.  Well, I can’t really shove BOTH of the cats in the bathroom, it is pretty small to start with, and I could only imagine the terror they would wreck in that poor room.  I can hear him from the back of the house, and just pray he shuts the hell up after realizing Lance is truly stuck.  Nope, he is resilient, determined, and f*cking stubborn as hell!

Pillow over my head, I pray that one of the two dogs we have (German shepherd/husky mix or bordercollie/bassethound/lab mix) gets tired of the crying and goes and kills the cat.  The shepherd is still snoring on the floor, so he obviously wasn’t moving.  Then I hear the basset wake up, Nero is his name.  You can tell when he wakes up because the first thing he does is wag his tail.  Most dogs wag their tail and it’s cute.  He wags his tail and 30 miles away a tornado crushes an apartment complex.  You can hear it against his kennel, the wall, you name it, and it is LETHAL.  Thud Thud Thud CRASH is a common sound in this house.  So anyways, he wakes up, but unfortunately he’s on the lower totem pole of dominance, so he won’t go get Mokka, nope, but he’s upset about the situation, so what does he do?  He starts to whine.  His whine is an ear splitting high pitch and I’m laying in bed thinking…is it a felony or misdemeanor to kill 3 animals in one night?  I’d spend so much less on food…and I’d sleep so much better every night…

At 5:15AM I break.  My husband,Kris is next to me and I can tell he’s as pissed as me, at least, and we BOTH need to get up in about 2 hours at this point, and the pets aren’t showing any sign of stopping.  I decide to take one for the team, grab a spare blanket out of my closet, and stumble to the living room, opening the bathroom door on my way by.  By the time I make it to the couch I have a procession of Big(118lb) White Dog, Big Mokka Cat, Small (60lb)Black Dog, Small Black/Gray Cat, trailing behind me (no I’m not shitting you, it was ridiculous).  I stumble onto the couch, curl up in the fetal position, have the small black dog jump up on the couch next to me, the big white dog on the ottomon directly in front of my face basically, the small black/gray cat jumps up above my head to sit in the window, and Mokka sits on the rug looking up at us like we’re all crazy.

It took about 20 minutes for the 4 to calm down, but then I got to fall asleep…until 6:38AM when it was time for the dogs to go outside and go pee on something…as I walk back into the house and turn to shut the door, all I hear behind me is “mew, mew” thud thud thud “bark” thud thud CRASH “yowl”, and I sighed, my morning had begun…