The longest day is over! Long Live the Queen!

I sit on my couch, lounging in my super soft blanky, thanking god for letting me make it through the day.  The motorcycle isn’t finished, no, but it’s damn close at this point.  My husband and dad-in-law put together the back wheel assembly, shifter, brake, put the handle bars on (thank you Your Highness for you god damn stupid diamond jubilee that caused the handlebars to be 10 days behind schedule, yes really, 10.  We ordered them May 30th, and they wouldn’t ship until June 11th due to banks being closed for this stupid event.

Sorry Queen lady, but my handlebars in America are more important to me than your diamonds in England, just saying.

So we are still waiting on some master cylinders from Sweden

And then it’ll be time to stitch everything up, get some brake lines (ya know, those are important), oil, and hit the start button and pray…I didn’t have to end up painting tonight, so I’m surprisingly chipper 🙂  It’s not like it takes that much to make me have a good day really…pretty much a night free from additional work makes my week.

As long as nothing is held up in Customs (damn you customs!) it should all move nicely into completion either tomorrow or EARLY next week…as the cylinders should have been here today…but since the handlebars showed up from England, maybe the cylinders are right behind them.

Well, I suppose I should make sure the garage didn’t explode in my absence…have a great night, world, and I’ll see you in the morning.

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