Week 8, day 4 of my diet

Weighed again this morning, apparently sleep deprivation and spray painting agree with me, down another 0.6 LBS woohoo!  So this week I’ve lost: 1.0, 0.4, 0.6 lbs respectively, so I would like to say, hell yeah!  Not only that but I’m almost sweet 16! Or rather, into the 160’s, which I haven’t seen in a WHILE (thinking 5 years…) so 170.6 today, hoping tomorrow is down again.  I know this is a honeymoon, but I still can dream.  Most weeks my total loss is 1.5-2.5 approximately, so hoping for a 3 lb loss this week I don’t think is really practical, but hell, maybe my body was just getting a breather before starting some heavier losses…in .8 pounds I get another bead for my charm bracelet, that’ll be 5 charms on this little guy, 5 reminders that I am WORTH THIS and that I DESERVE THIS and that I CAN REALLY ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH THIS.  Ok done with the all caps.  Good morning to the world.

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