Week 8, day 5 of my diet

Alright, so it’s official…either stress, or minor activity after getting home from work, or not going out to eat, or all of the above, is making me kick my diet’s A-S-S.  Jumped on the scale this morning, POSITIVE I’d see a gain since yesterday I didn’t actually DO physical labor…and I was down another pound.  More importantly, I was down to 169.6!!!  Yeah bitches, that’s right.  This girl is under 170!  Although it won’t be official unless I can keep this weight off til’ Monday at my weigh in…BUT That’s 3 pounds so far THIS WEEK.  I haven’t had a loss this big since I started…or rather, week 3.  So needless to say I’m feeling really good, but now I’m petrified of eating out this weekend because it could sabatoge my loss!  My goal was to get to 170 by Monday (was 172.6 this Monday) so then I’d be under that by the time I went up to the twin cities (that’s in Minnesota) for a Valley Fair day with some siblings.  If I keep this rate up, not literally, but relatively, I could possibly be down to 165 by next week Friday, GAH!!!!!!!!! panic run screaming can’t handle it!!! Just kidding, but I’d be good to go and definitely be under 170 I’d think, and plan on being good the whole time I’m up there.

My shakes are obviously helping, I’m having snacks before bed every night, still shakes or powdered drinks, no bars etc. and I’m cooking at home every night.  My suspicion is the cooking at home every night is seriously starting to add up and contribute to my loss.  That actually sucks because I’ve cooked 4 nights in a row this week and am sooooo done with it! LoL

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