So So Sweet! Splenda used in Soda!

Today’s topic of choice:  Splenda and pop/soda/coke.  Ideal Protein promotes it, but…not soda pop even if that soda is sweetened with Splenda.  Now the reason behind it is “not” the sweetener, according to IP, the reason is the Phosphoric Acid (queue the creepy music)…so let’s start with our “options” that are floating around in the world, even to determine what, if any brand of beverage uses Splenda now either in place of, or as an alternative to, aspartame.  Coke has put out a PDF on Sweeteners that’s actually kind of helpful, it’ll end up in my research page, but here is the link for now: sweetener_fact_sheet

Coke (Coca Cola) Brand bottling company) uses:

  • Diet Coke with Splenda
  • Diet Nestea
  • Dasani Flavored Waters

Next we have Pepsi:

    • Pepsi One
    • Aquafina Flavor Splash Water: Specifically Grape, Raspberry, and Wild Berry

Other drinks flavored with Sucralose (Splenda):

  • Diet Rite
  • Diet RC Cola
  • Hansen’s Natural Soda – Diet
  • Weight Watcher’s Diet Sodas
  • Crystal Light
  • Swiss Miss Hot cocoa
  • Baja Bob’s Mixed Drinks (margaritas)

Now that the “options” have been laid out, let’s look at the downside, that darn phosphoric acid.  So the asid isn’t all “that” bad on its own, but when combined with caffein, and causing lower intake of milk (wait we already have no milk) and less water, the resulting effects can cause stress on the kidneys, and bone density loss.  I hate saying “no shit Sherlock”…but…well, No shit Sherlock!  If you drink less milk, you lose bone density.  That’s pretty straight forward.  The caffein is also a potential contributor.  

Now the acid vs. alkaline is a completely different monster.  This is saying that because our bodies are composed of such an Alkaline based diet at this point (think broccoli etc as alkaline, limes are acidic) IP Alkaline vs Acid
So now we are looking at the actual acid content of the phosphoric acid compared to the veggies we are eating. According to Ideal Protein, this should be roughly a 75/25 split, in favor of alkaline.  Now something interesting from this PDF is that they say it is all about this balance, but artificial sweeteners (ya know, sucralose found in almost all diet products, including Ideal Protein) are on the highest end of acidity, followed also by coffee with milk and sugar…so coffee with milk and sweeteners would be the same concept as soda pop…just saying.
Now, am I trying to justify the use of the occasional soda? Absolutely, I know I’m biased, and I’m ok with that. What I find most interesting is that the acidity of the soda (in small quantities) may not be enough to screw someone up the same as say…a bottle of tequila…

Well, that’s it for my sleuthing this morning, hope it gives you something to think about!

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