Motivated Monday 6_25_2012

I have lost this much + 4 pounds…(bottom one)…that is a small dog…or a very large cat…

Game Day

The Jock Jam plays in the background as I step off the platform (bed)… and begin my trek through the player’s tunnel (hallway)…after a short pitstop on the sidelines (bathroom), I step onto the field and check where the ball is starting…are we at our own 60 yard line (160’s?) or still stuck back at the 70? (170’s)…the official weigh in this morning…was 170.2.

Yes it is a gain from two days ago (yesterday also 170.2 hoping it had been a fluke), but my fat content is down by about 2%, indicating this “gain” was actually muscle growth, which I can’t really complain about.

Well, it’s off to yet another day at the races, so to speak…called Sweden this morning about some motorcycle parts that are still not in.  Next step is to see if they’re stuck in customs.  Here we go!

The Night Before…

Well, it’s the night before the “big weigh in”…it’s like the big game, but for fat people…watch what I eat meticulously , measure my water intake, religiously focus on my vitamins, do a bit of exercise 400 times during the day…wear my favorite socks to bed…and the regimen continues.