Tired Tuesday

So this is me today…I am exhausted…although that hardly seems to be the word for the suffering I’m in.  My stomach is destroyed, I’m stressed almost to the max and I feel like all it’d take is a little “sizzle” and I’d just pop like a balloon…

Found out that parts ordered 2 weeks ago didn’t ship until 6/15/2012 from Sweden, so they aren’t even supposed to be here until probably later this week, the wire transfer I sent to the guy for $225 got lost in cyber space, and my final payment for my cruise is due this week.  Did I mention I’m going on a cruise in September?  I really wanted to get down to 150 by the time I went, but I think I’ll only be down to about 160 or so, since I have to phase off the diet for a couple weeks before my trip.  Once I get back though it’ll be time to get back on the bandwagon and continue losing until I’m in the  lower percentage of my ideal weight.

I was back down to 169.6 this morning, so glad my body seems to be agreeing with yesterday’s dietary choices.  I was considering going on a walk during my lunch, but that action is just not going to happen, we have a high of 91 degrees and I know for a fact that the heat would kick my ass.

So I’m off to be exhausted…and sick…and hope that a good night of sleep and lots of water help me shake this bug.

2 comments on “Tired Tuesday

  1. I told My IP coach about your blog, I really enjoy it. They claim if you sick to the IP plan 100% they say you will be 150lbs by your cruise. Just a thought.
    Thanks for the blog!

    • Scarlette:
      Thanks so much! I find that blogging allows me to stay more accountable, if that makes sense? And jeez I wouldn’t want to cheat and have to tell the whole world right? I just hope other folks enjoy my blog as well, and thank you for reading it, it really means the world to me! As my friends on the forum say “Keep it one-hun’ed peeps” 🙂

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