Suspended Scare!

So….apparently I have now been sent to WordPress equivalent of the principal’s office.  My heart was hammering the same speed I’m pretty sure as a meth addict’s when they found out their last hit was their LAST hit, done, finito, ended, no more.

I can say definitively that I would panic like a girl if this happened again, and an angel named Anthony was kind enough to grant me back my writing freedom.  For 47 seconds of my life (ok probably 2-3 minutes) I was blogless once again, and although my followers may be a small group, I am grateful for each and every one of you.

Apparently my enthusiasm over Andy Whitfield got snagged in the anti-spam filter, yikes!!! So I need to calm down a bit if I’m going to be posting about the same topic for a day, it appears.  But I am back up and running now, and have learned a valuable lesson:  contact us.

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