Fidgety Friday

Well, I made it, it is Friday, and ain’t no one gonna take that away from me!  The motorcycle is officially up and running, after a 1:00AM test run resulting in a 1:30AM IHOP visit, and a 2:00+ bed time for me and the mechanic.  So today…is a coffee kind of a day…I would like to start by saying, coffee is the nectar of the gods…just saying…and I’m tired enough that a Venti Pike Place from Starbucks isn’t even making me jittery…

Nope…in fact, I feel almost, nearly, practically human as long as I’m on this stuff…unfortunately I know that eventually the caffeine will leave my system, and I will crash.  I’m only hoping that I can make it through the day.  The coffee clears the fog, sharpens my wit (slightly) and makes me appear mildly more human.  As I swish the remaining coffee in my recycled-paper cup and hear the gentle sloshing below my cardboard cozie I can’t help but panic a little.  It’s almost gone!  Do I wait, and risk drinking it cold, but get that last shot of caffeine when I need it most?  Or do I finish it off, knowing that that’s it, the last of it, finito, done, ended, terminated, d-e-d dead…it’s like staring at my last meal at this point…

I swallow the last of the coffee in a fit of desperation…if it’s gone I can’t obsess over it anymore.  Goodbye my strong and bitter friend, I will write you a eulogy that would make even Hitler cry…

Well, that’s it for me, at least for now…unfortunately I’m thinking I probably won’t blog this weekend, unless it’s about my trip to Valley Fair, and it’d be a short, sweet, photo and probably nothing more than a quick caption as I will be laptopless until Sunday night.  Speaking of, I will also be scale-less until Sunday, meaning today’s weigh in is the LAST weigh in before Monday…and I’ll truly have no idea what happens to my weight until the moment of truth, yikes!!!!  Hoping that Monday shows at the MOST 169.0 (meaning a 1.2 lb loss) but I’d settle for 169.8 (25 lbs lost) in a pinch….that’s all for now…and as always, THINK SLIMMER!

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