Sturgis is creeping ever closer!

Well, had my weigh in yesterday, down another 1.2 LBS, which I’ll take considering I was away from home for 3 days.  Turns out we’ll be leaving for the rally super early, Saturday morning instead of Monday afternoon, meaning lots of shakes for me to pack, along with all my misc clothing stuffs.

We’ll be staying at a cousin’s for two nights, the skipping to another cousin’s for three nights, then spending three nights in a hotel.  Not bad lodging price: $639 for 8 nights during the week of the rally 😉  Thank god for family willing to put up with my crazy ass!

I get to do some serious genealogy research while I’m out there, lots of family lived and died in them there hills, so it’ll be a good experience.  Gonna try to get some death certificates from county courthouses etc. so that will be interesting to say the least, and on top of that, ride enough motorcycle to get saddle sore and need a hot soak to relieve muscles every night, and some aloe for the sunburns I’m sure to get.

On the bright side, I’ll be painting my toenails bright freaking purple this week so they look gor-geous underneath my sexay new shoes, which of course will be accompanying me to Sturgis.

I tried some new fruit drinks this week, by Bariwise…I can say the Strawberry Kiwi made me want to throw up the whole time I was drinking it, and I would not wish that on my worst enemy.  Pineapple Orange however, is pleasantly surprising.  I have my usual standbys, Proti-Thin dream bars, cinnamon crunch wonderslim bars, puddings, oatmeal and as always, the good ol’ GNC shake mix.  I’m hoping to hit 160 while I’m in Sturgis, or at least build up some serious muscle from all the riding I’ll be doing…here’s hoping, and if I don’t check in before then, stay safe to all my followers!

Dehydrated Days

Well, it’s Monday, it’s weigh in day, it’s a loss of 1.2 pounds, which I can’t really muster up the strength to be too bummed about.  I rode my motorcycle more than 500 miles in 72 hours, so I’m pretty sure dehydration and poor veggie intake had something to do with my low loss.  With any luck though this week that number will turn around.

Now it’s looking like we’ll be riding to Sturgis earlier rather than later, so I’ll have 5 days home after a trip, then 8 days gone again…guess that means I need to rev up my genealogy research this week (yes I do that as well) so I can bring it up with me, family in the area have all SORTS of awesome info and such.

Prepping a friend tonight for interviewing, then tons of photo scanning…omg my week just got insane!! I’ll post something more worthwhile later today…probably…maybe…if I have time…


The Salty Truth (also a Page)

Or rather, the sodium truth…

So today I’m looking up information regarding sodium, because 1/2 tsp of salt is required on the Ideal Protein Diet, and I think to myself…why?

Well, turns out, that 1/2 tsp of salt = 1000mg of sodium, and the MINIMUM recommended amount of sodium for a person is 1500mg/day.  The downside is that the recommended MAXIMUM amount of sodium recommended is only 2,000mg/day … so basically you have a 500mg window, which when you think about a lot of our favorite foods, that’s not much.

A Big Mac, for example, is 1010mg of sodium, so that’s over half way to the sodium goal of the day.  Oh wait, you had a medium coke with that?  8 Ounces contains 30mg sodium, but since you’re getting it carbonated, you’re only getting about 15mg…Oh, and you had this as a Value Meal?  Let’s add some medium fries with that, 270mg of sodium.  We’re not even looking at the carbs (Although that’s 48, 56, and 46g so totals about 150g).  So far during lunch you’ve had 1010+15+270mg of sodium (that’s 1285mg for non-mathletes)

So basically you’ve kissed your sodium intake and carb intake for the day, all in the span of your 30 minute lunch break.

Now let’s take a look at Ideal Protein products.  I’ll pick three packets, one from each category (Shake, Soup, Pudding)…

Cappuccino = 180mg sodium

Chicken A La King Soup (very popular) = 630mg sodium

Milk Chocolate Pudding (sounds safe) = 110mg sodium

So our total intake for the day so far is 920mg of sodium, leaving a deficit of 680mg sodium for the minimum amount to have…guess what…they say to have 1/2 tsp of salt, which is 1000mg of sodium, so we are now at 1920mg of sodium for the daily intake, when 2,000 is the maximum considered healthy.  I would like to point out the items I chose were in the middle to low range of each category, although there were items significantly lower in sodium.  Fun fact, eh?

Ahhh, and we forgot our vegetables!  Canned vegetables are significantly higher in sodium than fresh (go figure, salt preserves things) so we’ll do a quick comparison:

Asparagus: 4spears<canned> 207mg , <raw> 6 mg (no I’m not kidding)

Broccoli: 1 cup<cooked> 64mg, <raw> 20mg

Celery: 1 stalk<raw> 32mg

Lettuce, Romaine: 1cup<raw> 4mg

So when in doubt, go with lettuce 😉 Although it’s free and this would help explain why.

In conclusion: Ideal Protein has sodium in its packets for preservation and flavor, but not in contents quite high enough to justify the need of so much salt in a given day.

With that said, pass the salt please.

Sodium In the Diet

Byronic man, hilarious!

The Byronic Man

As you may have seen, on July 8, Greenland’s ice sheet had melted to the point that it generally melts by the end of a hot summer. Four days later, NASA satellites took another scan and thought their scanner was on the fritz: 97% of the remaining ice sheet had melted.  Now, many are quick to point to Global Warming, just because of little things like this, and the fact that almost 200 record high temperatures have already been set this year – the odds of which are about 1 in 1.6 million.  But, you know what?  I bet over 1.6 million things have happened in the world, meaning statistically it makes perfect sense.  So, you know, there.  Take that, science.

And there are so many logical reasons for the ice sheet in Greenland to have melted. Why, I bet I could come up with 100 totally logical, plausible reasons…

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72 Hours of Life

Well, it’s been 3 days since I posted last…wow that feels weird!  My weight has bounced around a bit, going down down up so far, but it’s looking like I could realistically get down to 161 by Monday, so kind of pumped about that.

I leave to ride my motorcycle to the twin cities tomorrow, got a brand spanking new helmet, I heart Icon stuff.

Alliance Rubatone Helmet

I went with a flat black helmet, and it’ll be so much lighter than my current helmet, and it fits so much better that I’m sure I’ll be much more comfortable riding in it for extended periods of time.  Eventually I’ll need new gloves and a jacket, but at least this way I’ll know my brain is safe…might borrow my husband’s jacket for the weekend, with me losing all this weight I can actually FIT in his jacket now (yes I was bigger than my husband, God that’s irritating to me).

So I got my new shoes for hitting 30 pounds lost, go me!  These shoes are a-mazing looking, and the most uncomfortable thing in the world, but hey, beauty is pain, right?

I’ll be picking up some Dr. Scholls for her-High Heels edition prior to our trip to Sturgis, as these puppies will be gracing my feet at least for SOME of the time that we’re out there, even if that means I can’t pack something else (goodbye curling iron and hair dryer).

Well, that’s it for the excitement of my life, oh, except I tried the Cinnamon Vanilla cereal from Bariwise, it’s similar to cardboard…but eh, such is life.