Weekly Weigh In ~ 25 LBS total!

Well today was my 10th week weigh in.  10 weeks I’ve been doing this insane diet.  This weekend was the first time that I resented the diet for more than a day, and it was a good wake up call to me.  I know my plateau is coming, if not here already.  169.8 this morning, and all last week I never dipped below 169 (went from 170.2 down to 169.2 on my lowest day).  I know this is just a phase and my body will continue to lose when it’s ready.  I just hope I have the fortitude to hold this out until my body gives in and finally loses again.  If I have a few weeks of a 0.5 pound loss, so be it.  I will be strong, I will be stable, and most importantly, I will remember that I AM WORTH THIS. Every time I wish I could have a “XYZ” I will know it’s just for now that I cannot have them, that life will continue for me long past this diet, and that I will be happier, healthier and lighter because of this, and it is worth the occasional “poor me” moment.

Valley Fair was fun, kicked my ass and dehydrated me, but a personal victory for me was that I didn’t get sunburned.  That is seriously an accomplishment for me.  My next goal is to get past this plateau, so ironically my next goal is only one pound from here, well, plus a bit.  168.0 is my next goal.  After that we’ll work to the next goal.  I keep telling myself if I only lose 1 pound a week it’s still 1 pound more than I’d lose if I wasn’t doing this, and it’s only 34 “weeks” then before I’d be to goal, worst case scenario.  That’d be Christmas time roughly, and you know, I think that’s still acceptable, because I’ll look fabulous for my 10th high school reunion next Summer (assuming I get invited?  I was always the nerdy awkward kid) and I want that something fierce.

Well that’s all for now, not feeling particularly chatty today…hopefully more tomorrow…still recovering from my insane weekend.

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