Monday Weigh In and other revelations

Well, I made it through this morning, jumped on the scale, and it was 166.6!  I was concerned because last night’s “debaccle” involved me eating more bars than I should have because I was just soooo hungry!  I learned that I also replaced 2% of fat with muscle, so my “body fat %” is down to 36, a new low 🙂 If you’re wondering “What is body fat percentage?” here’s the wiki on it:

So, I weigh 166.6, 36% of which is fat, so…59 lbs of fat, yarg!  Essential fat is 10-12% (so I have an excess of 20% of fat leftovers kind of.  “Average” is 25-31% according to the wiki, which I am having a hard time with, as me losing 6 more pounds will put me into “average” but I doubt it’ll drop my body fat THAT much…so anyways, of my 166 pounds, about 16-20 pounds of that is “essential”, divide the difference, 59-20=39 lbs of fat I can realistically get rid of…to me that’s nuts, my goal is 135, only a 31 pound loss, I’ll suck up the 8 extra pounds of fat I think and consider myself “lucky” to be that size!

Will I ever be a pant size 8? I’m not sure.  I thought that 10 would be my goal, but I’m squeezing into those, and an extra 30 pounds below that would HAVE to be at least one pant size…right?

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