Winging my Wednesday

It’s half way through the week; humpday, the big hurdle, over the hill, only two days left, you name it.  It’s official, my amazingly clean house is no longer amazingly clean.  *sob*.  Alright, I’ll admit, it’s not “aweful” by any means, but I have figured it out.  I can cook, or clean.  I can’t do both on a given day.  So since I cooked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, tonight I’m taking a break from cooking, so I can get back to my cleaning!  It’s amazing how much more peaceful the house is when it’s clean.  Who knows, I might even get the ambition to take the last truck load down to good will…or maybe not…but it’s a good thought none the less!

I have a doctor appointment on Friday (hello Hippa, how are you?) just for boring check up stuff, but man I’m thinking she is gonna FREAK when she sees me.  She hasn’t seen me since April, and now I am going to be roughly 35 pounds lighter (noticeable at this point).  At least I’m almost “normal” BMI so that’ll probably cheer her up a little bit.  The next time I go in will probably not be until at least early next year and by then I “hope” to be at my goal weight: 135.  That’s only 30 pounds away.  That’s insane!  I didn’t think I’d ever get under 175, then I did, again at 170, and now this morning I weighed myself and it was 165.0!  I guess that means the next weight that I can’t see myself reaching will have to be 159…which would put me in the normal weight range, with a lower risk of diabetes, better cholesterol, and a rested pancreas.

My amazing husband swapped out the sparkplugs on my motorcycle last night so it is ready to rock and roll this weekend during Hot Harley Nights here in Sioux Falls.  Such a fun event, full of riding, racing, showing off hott motorcycles, yes there’s drinking, just not for me! Music, and a parade even 😀


2 comments on “Winging my Wednesday

  1. Have fun this weekend. By the way, your saying you have a dr. appointment is not a HIPPA violation. You are talking about yourself and not someone else.

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