Thankless Thursday

So I do not know what got into my brain while I slept last night, but there is just SOMETHING not sitting right in there today.  If I suddenly start speaking in another language, acting stranger than usual, or start getting random fits of rage I’m turning myself into the government, as I will have confirmed that an alien did indeed crawl into my brain and has taken over.

I’m making it through my day, had a very small (0.2) pound gain this morning, after being sick as a dog last night, so I have to hope that it was actually from being dehydrated or something, but either way, it is suckery feeling today after suckery feeling last night.  My weekend is creeping ever closer, and it’s all I can do to not try to time jump to Friday at 5:35PM just so I can go home and crawl under my covers, never to be seen again…or at least until Monday morning at 7:00AM…

Alas, that will not be my fortune, however the alternative is still pretty darned sweet.  There’s a bike show at our local Harley Davidson tomorrow night, a bar crawl on Saturday to surrounding towns (yes riding and then drinking beer…water for me thanks) followed by a parade of motorcycles, over a thousand that will crawl to downtown Sioux Falls to be properly oogled by our local denizens.

Sunday will bring back to back matinee movies. Why? Because I am a masochist apparently.  Ice Age 4 opens this weekend (Yes I love Manny, Sid, Diego and even Scrat, and no I don’t have kids) and will be followed by The Amazing Spiderman.  I think it’ll be a weekend for the inner tomboy to come out and play.  Two days of motorcycle madness, followed by 4 hours of cartoons and comic book heroes.  I’ll take it.

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