Well, it’s Friday, thank you lord!  Going to Hot Harley Nights and Kris’s bike is getting entered, we’re hoping into the v-Rod category, but it might get roped into the Custom builds, kind of sucky if that’s the case since we’d be competing with people who literally built theirs from the ground up.  At least we won’t be fighting the “choppers”.  My weight is moving in the right direction again today; 164.8 this morning.  I was up early, painting motorcycle parts a second time to clean them up a little bit so they look nicer for the show. The dogs have fallen back asleep on the couches and it appears as though they are in it for the long haul.

It’ll be a short day at work today, leaving at 1:45 for a doctor appt (ok the appts at 1:50 I’ll probably leave closer to 1:30) and then we leave at 4:00 to come home and get ready for “the show”.  My camera is charging, I just uploaded all the photos from my current SD card, and I’ll be changing the photo size on the camera to something acceptable, rather than the HD size it is currently taking (let’s face it, a picture bigger than a computer screen is ridiculous, that level of detail is not a necessity.

Well, it’s time to wake the spouse and get on with our day, here we go, up up and away!

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