It’s a Monday…enough said

Today started with all the promise of a real doozie, and then it proceeded to live up to the standard, with aplomb.  I woke up late, forgot for a minute that I needed to run to the bank and get gas in the car, the coffeemaker demanded descaling after putting out a pitiful two tablespoons of my Kahlua coffee (at which point I took matters into my own hands and brewed a second cup, which ended up making up for lost time apparently and over filled the coffee cup), I got to work and had dozens of e-mails, almost all of which could be answered with our help file (but apparently some folks don’t like to read), banged my knee on the desk, found out I pretty much NEED a new helmet (goodbye $150), and then got my entire office suite overridden by the new Microsoft Office 2013 trial software.  Now my documents open in 2013’s version of Office unless I go through the process of opening Office 2010 prior to opening the files, gah!  To top it all off, I felt, still feel, nauseous as heck, which totally blows btw.  So what’d I eat today? Had my shake, starving by 10:00, distracted myself with coffee until 1:30 when I got Buffalo Wild wings (such a weakness of mine), at least I ate the salad…got home, no dinner, instead I had a scoop of peanut butter and a ton of water.  I’m still not hungry, from 1 TBSP of peanut butter (7g carbs and 4g protein for that btw).

I had my weigh in this morning, down to 165.4, which means I’m nearing my 160 mark, that’ll be a pretty awesome day; assuming I can reach it prior to my trip to Sturgis.  I’m now  thinking that I’ll be lucky as hell if I hit 160…I am so discouraged it just irritates the hell out of me.

I was going to buy some new protein drinks from Diet Direct, but with the possibility of our dog needing to see the vet, I don’t want to take any chances with extra financial burdens.

Life just gave me kind of a swift kick in the pants today, and I am really ready for tomorrow, so I can hit the RESET butto.