Turned it around Tuesday

Well, today was a brand new day, and even though my loss today was minimal, I’m hoping that it helps get me under the 165 mark by next Monday.  I prepped my dinner before work; chicken thighs in the crockpot, and had some roasted cauliflower as my side dish.  I need to figure out what is for dinner tomorrow, but I suppose that can wait until then.

Work flew by, I got a bunch of new projects that I can really sink my teeth into, got a metaphorical pat on the back and got to grab some awesome lunch at Qdoba today.  I defeated the evil Keurig by shear brute force and a screwdriver, so I can now have coffee whenever I want.  Muhaha bitch, that’s right, the Keurig now fills up as much as it’s supposed to.

Tonight we got the yard cleaned and “mowed” if you can call it that.  The only thing longer than about 3″ was the weeds…lol, and then cleaned the house a bit, but man this heat was killer so this is just ridiculous.  I’m not ready for four more days of this heat wave, but se la vi right?

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