Weirdly Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and man does that just sound weird!  This week is actually moving by fairly quickly, and I’ve started getting my groove back in the mornings.  Wake up at 7:00, give the dogs their food and one dog his vitamins, take my own vitamins, make coffee, tidy the front half of the house, check my e-mail and my forums, and then time to wake up the husband.

After that it’s off to work, then home for some chow.  Last night’s chicken crockpot was awesome.  Backseat drove for Dragon’s Dogma for an hour or so, caught up on TV shows, and finally passed out some time around 1:00 AM .  This morning I feel like a rockstar, although I’m not sure why.  But hey, such is life, right?

With any luck, tonight will be more Dragon’s Dogma, crushing the ogre who was intensely problematic last night, and cleaning the house for a guest stopping by tomorrow night.  Regarding my current weight loss, this morning I was down 0.4 pounds from yesterday, which is more than acceptable for me, even if it means I keep hovering around the 165 mark (159 is theoretically where my BMI will be “normal”) as I’m currently 164.8.

Not sure if it was intentional or not, but it seems I allowed WordPress’s daily something or other to post on one of my old posts, so that was something new.  Oh well, off to new adventures I go!

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