Sunday’s Some Day

Well it’s nearing the end of my evening, and during today I can honestly say I did a grand total of about 3 productive things…no, make that 2.  I have looked up recipes for pollock for dinner tonight, and I ran the dishwasher (thankfully, there were at least SOME dirty dishes in the dishwasher so something will be clean to eat on later tonight).

I’m watching Contagion tonight while my husband works with some buddies on their respective motorcycles, and have locked all four animals into our master bedroom with me.  Why you ask? Because it is 101 degrees outside, and the front of our has has crept up past 85 at this point.  So I have quarantined me and my furry friends in a colder room, hoping to pass the night playing a bit more Dragon’s Dogma, watching True Blood, and spending time in general with my best friend in the world, yes that’d be my husband.

Today was our day, at least for the vast majority of it, and I feel much recovered, and as if I am ready for another crazy week.  Only two more weeks before leaving for Sturgis, ohmygosh it’s getting so close!  Really looking forward to being able to look my best while we are out there, so that I’m not as self conscious about dancing on the bartops, wearing a tankini , or god forbid a skirt!

Well, I’m off to watch my movies and enjoy the rest of my evening, this is Yoda, checking out!

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