Peanut…Peanut Butter…and Carbs!

So I’ll admit, I have a guilty pleasure.

Every day, our German Shepherd/Husky needs arthritis prevention pills, which he gets in the morning and again at night.  Well…GNC made the pills “peanut butter” flavored, which is an extremely bold lie.  They smell like something died in the bottle and is half-way decomposed.  Needless to say, poor Dante (dog) is NOT willing to eat those on their own.

Dante, my best buddy

So, to liven things up a little, I decide to coat the pills in ACTUAL peanut butter (we had Jif Reduced Fat) which he looooves.  Unfortunately, so do I!  So occasionally I’d grab a scoop of peanut butter and just eat it right out of the jar (I’m such a barbarian, I know).  Let’s face it though, there are some days that you just need a spoonfull of peanut butter to make the crap of life go down (sorry Mary Poppins, couldn’t help myself).  I actually took the time to read the damn label at one point, don’t ask how long ago because it was long enough that I REALLY should have known better.  Let’s talk about some fun filled reading shall we?  The “Reduced Fat” Jif (which I looove so much) :

Reduced Fat Jif label

We have 13 grams of NET carbs (that’s total minus fiber btw), 12g fat, 190 calories, and 7g of protein.  That’s still “restricted” in the carb category for me, not to mention the “bonus” of 12g of fat, all for a piddly 7g of protein?  Alright fine, I might be up on my high horse about the unfairness of the all, but that didn’t stop me from dipping a butter knife into the golden goodness of peanut butter and having a bit for myself.  However, I did decide if i was going to be sneaking peanut butter (because it’s totally secret that everyone can now read that I sneak peanut butter), that I needed to change up my drug of choice.

Yesterday I went to our local supermarket and picked up “the necessities”.  Not to get off on too long of a rant, but “necessities” has never ended up being “just” necessities.  Naw, I got fruit snacks in Star Wars shapes and some Cinnamon Toast Crunch for my husband to have for random snacks, picked up a Glade air freshener thing, none of which were on my list, a list which only consisted of: toilet paper, peanut butter, milk.  Awe, oh well, such is life.  Back to the peanut butter!

So I was in the Peanut butter, Jelly, and Bread aisle at the store (let’s face it people, that is a BRILLIANT marketing strategy) and I looked at my options; holy crap Batman, the world of Peanut Butter is rife with drama, intrigue and like 45 selections to choose from.  I check out the “natural” peanut butters and come to a conclussion for carbs:  Jif “Natural” has 8g of carbs, and 2g of fiber (=6net carbs), and its second ingredient is SUGAR! “Simply Jif” (which I unfortunately didn’t take the time to find in the store and just now noticed on the website) only has 6g of carbs and 2g of fiber (=4net carbs!), and sugar was the second to last ingredient listed on the label.  Smuckers was in close second, and the winner (for me) was Skippy Natural.   Unfortunately, 20/20 hindsight has informed me that this was a poorer choice than Simply Jif, as this too has sugar as the second ingredient.  The only difference in this case is that Skippy only has 4 ingredients in the peanut butter, making it pretty manageable.


So now, when I scoop a bit of peanut butter, I’m now taking in 4g of carbs, instead of the original 13.  Skippy Natural peanut butter…$3.25…knowing that I’m getting only 1/3 of the carbs I originally was eating from peanut butter = priceless.  Now, all I have to do is get the damn dog to stop staring at the jar longingly every morning, that’s my job.


2 comments on “Peanut…Peanut Butter…and Carbs!

  1. I have just become your best friend. PB2 (available in regular Peanut Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter, OH MY!) is AMAZING. AND 1.5g fat, 5 carb, 5 protein at only 45 calories! Search for it on Amazon, it will rock your world! (its AMAZING in shakes or just off a spoon!)

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