Dehydrated Days

Well, it’s Monday, it’s weigh in day, it’s a loss of 1.2 pounds, which I can’t really muster up the strength to be too bummed about.  I rode my motorcycle more than 500 miles in 72 hours, so I’m pretty sure dehydration and poor veggie intake had something to do with my low loss.  With any luck though this week that number will turn around.

Now it’s looking like we’ll be riding to Sturgis earlier rather than later, so I’ll have 5 days home after a trip, then 8 days gone again…guess that means I need to rev up my genealogy research this week (yes I do that as well) so I can bring it up with me, family in the area have all SORTS of awesome info and such.

Prepping a friend tonight for interviewing, then tons of photo scanning…omg my week just got insane!! I’ll post something more worthwhile later today…probably…maybe…if I have time…