Sturgis is creeping ever closer!

Well, had my weigh in yesterday, down another 1.2 LBS, which I’ll take considering I was away from home for 3 days.  Turns out we’ll be leaving for the rally super early, Saturday morning instead of Monday afternoon, meaning lots of shakes for me to pack, along with all my misc clothing stuffs.

We’ll be staying at a cousin’s for two nights, the skipping to another cousin’s for three nights, then spending three nights in a hotel.  Not bad lodging price: $639 for 8 nights during the week of the rally 😉  Thank god for family willing to put up with my crazy ass!

I get to do some serious genealogy research while I’m out there, lots of family lived and died in them there hills, so it’ll be a good experience.  Gonna try to get some death certificates from county courthouses etc. so that will be interesting to say the least, and on top of that, ride enough motorcycle to get saddle sore and need a hot soak to relieve muscles every night, and some aloe for the sunburns I’m sure to get.

On the bright side, I’ll be painting my toenails bright freaking purple this week so they look gor-geous underneath my sexay new shoes, which of course will be accompanying me to Sturgis.

I tried some new fruit drinks this week, by Bariwise…I can say the Strawberry Kiwi made me want to throw up the whole time I was drinking it, and I would not wish that on my worst enemy.  Pineapple Orange however, is pleasantly surprising.  I have my usual standbys, Proti-Thin dream bars, cinnamon crunch wonderslim bars, puddings, oatmeal and as always, the good ol’ GNC shake mix.  I’m hoping to hit 160 while I’m in Sturgis, or at least build up some serious muscle from all the riding I’ll be doing…here’s hoping, and if I don’t check in before then, stay safe to all my followers!

2 comments on “Sturgis is creeping ever closer!

  1. Make sure you use sunscreen. Have fun and be safe! Don’t want nothing to happen to your crazy-ass self! Love ya!

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