Bariwise Peach Mango “Protein” drink

OK…the moment of truth…the first drink…not bad!  It kind of tastes like those little peachie-oh’s you can buy in the gas station.  You know the ones right? They’re gummy little rings coated in sugar, and you stick your tongue through the middle to see if you can rip them with the shear power of tongue?  No?  Well, maybe my childhood was different than some others.

All I know is, today’s lunch is not going to suck, so I’m happy!  Monday  night I tried the Strawberry Kiwi, and it was aweful, like, peptobismal aweful…so this is a pleasant change of pace.  For a snack I have Wild Berry to try later this afternoon…here’s hoping the trend of good continues!

2 comments on “Bariwise Peach Mango “Protein” drink

  1. K,
    I started to order from Nashua after your reccomendation. Check out the HealthSmart products, all are very close to IP and every single item I have received has been YUMO!! This morning I had the HealthSmart Protein Bar – Peanut Butter …OMG it was like eating a REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup with coffee for breakfast. Have a great time on your trip, I am so Jealous, I have always wanted to go!!

    • Scarlette:

      I’ll have to check out those HealthSmart products, decided as I’m doing this journey I’ll need to branch out to get some decent reviews for my fellow “Alternatives”. My current “go to” bar is the Cinnamon Crunch that Wonderslim makes. It’s high in the carb count for me (about 16g) but OMG it is A-MAZING, tastes like one of those cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars, totally delish!

      I am sure my trip will be a blast, just need to stay focused on the goal and not let the fun times get in the way of success!

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