Scan a pic scan a pic scan a pic crash!

So last night, a friend of ours needed some help doing a promotional video, which would end up being a job application (they asked for one specifically)…I had been busy scanning my family photos to have a digital copy for my trip to the black hills this weekend, and then it happened.  The guys asked for my expertise.

I thought back to the months of tutorials I’ve been doing at my new job (which I totally love, btw) and gave him all the tips and tricks of my trade.  It is gratifying to realize that I’ve gotten so much better at doing my tutorials that I make it look easy.  So at about 11:30 I decided to go back in and try to scan more photos, the boys left to run a quick errand, and by 12:00 (yeah, the midnight kind) I was realizing that I was re-scanning the same photo 3 times…That was indicative of “time to go to bed” for me.  I toddle off to bed only to realize I was missing my husband…whoops?

Our dog, banished from the bedroom

Fast forward to 5:00AM, didn’t realize my alarm clock had reset and it was showing 5:00PM…let my dogs out and then back in, close the bedroom door thinking both are in there with us…only to find out at 7:30AM(PM) that we left our older dog in the main part of the house…when he started barking at the door… (7:30 is breakfast time).  Actually, he saved the day, because my alarm was not going to go off for another 11 and a half hours…so Thank You Dante, you saved me from being super late to work.

I suppose it’s time to start my work day…only 36 hours until our Shinedown concert at the Sioux Empire Fair, then another 12 hours until leaving for Sturgis…the week of chaos is nearly upon us!!!

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