Back from Sturgis

Well, I made it back. I feel like I got hit by a bus and am so glad to be home.

Here is me on our second to last day, all dressed up for a night in.

We rode 1600+ miles in 9 days, and my joints totally realize it! Hips, knees, shoulders and wrists are all sore, but this week taught me some things; semi trucks passing you when you are pulled off the highway can blow your motorcycle over if you are not careful, sunscreen is an amazing invention and should be used frequently, people are dumb, drunk people are complete morons, if you die from texting while riding it should be ruled suicide, if you get smashed and then ride, you deserve to get caught, cars will never see us as often as we see them, gravel sucks, and family can be amazing even if you just met them.

I haven’t weighed myself for today yet, I will after a few more minutes of sleep, currently on our couch with three of our four pets cuddled up with me, and yes I’m lazy! Back to work today, really wish I had given myself a recovery day, but se la vi and all that.

2 comments on “Back from Sturgis

  1. You look wonderful. I can’t believe you rode that much. I wish I could, but my back starts to hurt after an hour. Sorry about the semi. I’ll pass that tidbit on to my husband; I’m not sure if he knows. So glad your trip went well and family was amazing. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! My bike didn’t ever actually tip over, as I was beside it so I could catch it each time, but it still sucked with the wind and the drizzly rain crap coming down. Soooo glad to be home!

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