Giant pythons are taking over the Everglades

Holy pythons batman! That weighed more than me!


Last week, researchers at the University of Florida got a present — a gigantic Burmese python, the largest anyone had ever found in the Everglades. The good news: It was dead. The bad news: It weighed 164 pounds, measured a record 17.5 feet in length, and was a foot wide. For context, that’s as long as a medium-sized U-Haul, and as heavy as Tom Daley. It also had 87 eggs inside it that could have grown into 87 more monster pythons. CNN reports:

The snake was so big that researchers had to pile it on top of itself and wheel it into the examination room on a flat cart. They laid it on a series of tables lined up end to end, and then five researchers worked side by side to dissect the length of the snake.

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Not so Ideal…

So I’m back from my trip (see previous post) and I’ll admit, I was kind of bad…not like “Burn in Hell!” bad, just “kind of” in trouble bad.  I had toast two mornings towards the end and had a full fledged normal meal one night, including mashed potatoes, gravy and a dinner roll.  It was sublime.

I’m back home now, and trying to remember to get back into the swing of things, but have one downside…I’m completely out of my supplies!  I’m trying to be a frugal person for the next month, as our cruise is exactly one month away from today! Woohoo! Well, we leave a month from today, the cruise isn’t until the 16th of September, but still, I’ll be out of South Dakota and off my diet for 11 full days, omg that sounds insane!

Yes, really, I just “OMG”‘d about being off the diet for a while.

Let’s see, I weighed in yesterday at 162.2 ( +0.2 lbs from when we left for Sturgis) and this morning was back down to 161.4 , which yes, is less than when I left, hooray!  I had chinese food on Sunday night when I got home, so there could have been some water retention there, last night I made grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and then had some tomato soup as well, and I still lost? OK, I’ll take it!  I’d love to drop a few more pounds before the cruise, but really don’t want to “shock” my body when it’s time to binge at the buffet, so to speak.  So here I sit, lounging in my jammies at 7:30 in the morning.  Debating whether I dig through my cupboard for my healthy food, or just grab the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, in all its glory, and chow down.

For today at least, it seems my willpower is firmly in place, and I’ll be grabbing my weird cinnamon vanilla cereal instead of my Cinnamon Toast Crunch bliss.  On the bright side, I did get more of my Sugar Free Caramel Mocchiato creamer

Image Well, I guess it’s time for me to get ready for work, and all that jazz, here’s to staying as close to “good” as I could, and finding my way back through the wilderness to “epic” by the end of the week!