100 carbs of apathy on the wall…and a Sears Plus card

So yesterday I was bad, and today, I didn’t jump on the scale.  Instead, I’m laying on my couch as my dogs run amuck in the living room, one of whom keeps dropping a ball under various pieces of furniture (thanks Dante, you’re an ass).

Yesterday was a kind of stressful day for me, mostly because my tennis elbow is flaming on like the Human Torch and I was trying to be extremely productive at work. My husband and I went to Applebee’s for lunch, and I’m embarrassed to say I crushed a solid 50 carbs (exactly, actually) by eating the “Roast Beef and Bacon Mushroom Melt” and “French Onion Soup” in their little lunch combo thing…no I didn’t realize it was 50g of carbs until this morning, but it still wouldn’t have stopped me.  That sandwich should have its own religion.  So we get done with lunch, and my day is significantly improving, so I decide “Let’s go to Sears (right next door) so I can try on some sexy new jeans!”  My husband is extremely supportive, so he agrees, and off we go.

My day then goes back to shit, starting with an evil biatch at Sears who didn’t want to accept my credit card, saying it was only for “Major appliance purchases”.  It didn’t help that her English sucked-ed-ed-ed…can I emphasize that any more?  Probably not.  Now, normally I’m not a heinous bitch to customer service folks, but this woman was standing between me and a pair of Junior size pants that I could ACTUALLY fit in again…and a super cute pair of new pants to replace the army which are turning into parachute pants…It took me less than 3 minutes to ask for a manager, and as the woman smugly said “alright then” I knew I was going to win this one.  The manager came over, and the clerk actually started arguing with the manager when she asked “Well, did you try seeing if it would accept the card as payment?”  The woman actually responded with “Well I know it would work, but it’s not supposed to because it’s for a major appliances only, Ma’am, would you like to open a normal sears charge card?” At this point I pretty much lost it…I won’t lie…I was that evil bitch no customer service person likes to deal with.  “No,” I replied. “There is no way I’m opening another card, when for the past three years, everyone else has accepted this card, and this is the first time I have ever heard of this card only being for major appliances.  Are you telling me every other person who has ever cashed me out has been wrong?”.  And yeah, I baited her, but she still was dumb enough to say “Yes.”

Thank god, another customer came over in that moment and the clerk had to turn around to help them.  While looking at my Driver’s License for confirmation, the manager quickly checked me out and apologized for any inconvenience, stating she knew the card would work, and has seen other managers accept it as well.  I’m hoping the clerk gets some additional customer training because hers kind of sucked.

We return to work, and I’m bombarded with a huge task that actually makes me break out into a sweat I feel so overwhelmed.  It’s an area that I don’t have much experience in, a huge project, and a crazy fast deadline.  My arm is killing me (stupid elbow) by 3:00 and I just want to curl up into a ball and die.  We get off work, go to Walmart (yes I’m going to hell, I know), and get our groceries, at which point my husband makes the executive decision of getting me one of those tennis elbow support braces that look like a sweatband with a dishwashing detergent pouch stuck inside of it.

We get home, and I find out my youngest (Nero), who is a moron (dog) managed to not only take, but puncture as well, my ice pack which I used last night on my elbow.  Good news is, the dog isn’t dead.  12 hours later he’s still kicking.  My night improved, but I still had Taco Bell for dinner, which was another 48g of carbs (my bad) which I had thought would be better than McDonalds, did you know I was wrong?  Jesus, I could have had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich for almost 20 fewer grams of carbs, hardly any additional calories, and an additional 16g of protein!  Lesson learned.

Now, I just have to find a way to not dream about that damn sandwich…

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