Ambition is a biatch…

Well, I woke up this morning, and it kind of felt like one of those “motivated” kind of days.  Now, normally I love this feeling; the day is young and full of endless possibilities, and then usually I make it out of bed and resume my normal “Yawn”…let the dogs out…drink some coffee…check my forums and blog…and get ready for the day.  Today however, appeared to be a bit different.  Whilst drinking my cup of coffee this morning I noticed a magazine on our dining room table.  This in and of itself is nothing exciting, it’s just a magazine, but when I opened it, I realized it was from the university where we took our dog when he had cancer.

I continued reading through these great articles, and as I read, I was reminded of when our dog was in Kansas for over a month, and it was the longest 6 weeks of my life.  After reading I had this brilliant idea, a spark really, to write a kid’s book about how our dog had to go to a place to help him beat his cancer and how he is now.  It was kind of cheesy, but now the idea is stuck, firmly, in my head.  Unfortunately, I’m tied up at the moment with maintaining some degree of momentum with my family history, this blog, and a recipe book, so my plate is, as they say, a bit full at this time.

I’m just really hoping that I remember this idea when everything calms down.

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