5 Days and losing hair but gaining acne

I made it five days without blogging…mostly because my arm has been killing me, stupid motorcycle riding and tennis elbow.  I checked the scale this morning, and am proud to say that I am maintaining my weight loss at 161.6, still .6 pounds lighter than coming back from Sturgis.

On the downside, the hairloss started last week, or the week before.  I forget which, but life  seemed to get a little suckery right when I left the diet.  Also, three days ago my face started breaking out hardcore.  So at this point I feel like an old lady with hair falling out mixed with a 15 year old boy breaking out in pimples with greasy hair.

Knowing the downside of coming off the diet, I’m now going to be more prepared when I go back on to lose the rest of my weight.  The bright side of this is that I am now being compulsive about washing my face, almost fanatical in my cleaning.  Also, I’m washing my hair daily, much to the dismay over my well-paid hair stylist.

Right now, I feel good, that I’m seeing my weight loss on a daily basis more now than ever, not in that “i’m thinner today than yesterday”, but rather in “I really dont’ look like a heifer anymore” and every day I am closer to believing it.