Feeling Fat? Face the Scale!

So I’ve been feeling fat for a couple of days, just ask my husband.  It’s gripe gripe gripe all about “I’m going to regain all my weight before the cruise” (because 35 pounds in 2 weeks is totally possible).  Well, this morning I decided to face the music, and jumped on the good ol’ scale.  I’m not sure if it was feeling sorry for me, or what the case was, but it was still reading 161.2, which is totally acceptable to me.  I want to still be under 165 for when we leave on our cruise, and that is looking pretty likely, as we leave in 2 Fridays (OMG I have 2 weeks to clean my house, prep my parents for house sitting, buy dog food, pack clothes, repack clothes…aaaaaah!)…ok feeling a little overwhelmed.

I guess I’ll need to pack a swimsuit, even if the high will be like 52, since there are a couple hot tubs on the ship…my “good” jeans (sans holes in the butt/thigh) and might have to invest in a few new shirts (hello Fruit de Loom, how I missed the).  Sometimes being a tomboy, and a cheapskate when it comes to clothes, pays off…not when I’m going on an Alaskan cruise however!  Definitely going to need some cute new stuff so my pics look gorgeous!

6 comments on “Feeling Fat? Face the Scale!

  1. Thank you for such an awesome website and for sharing your awesome ways. I’ve started the diet today and feel empowered by your blog to know that this is possible. I wish you the best on your cruise you deserve it after your amazing achievement. Keep it up! my journey begins. I weigh 165 and after two little boys would like my old body back. I hope I can loose 40 lbs. But I will not overwhelm myself. Baby steps…. one day at a time… and two cups of veggies per meal right? lol

    • Haha that’s right, and a bit of oil 🙂 I’ll be back on 100% the week we are back from te cruise and will begin the next part of this journey…goal and then maintenance…yikes! This diet is hard some days but well worth it in the long run.

      • This diet is hard…But I’ve never seen such fast results. The first 3 days I think I was the bitchiest bitch in the world. I am now better and I am now adjusting to the strict ways. But I had 2 questions for you. What vitamins and supplements do you take? and have u ever heard of a vegetarian doing this diet? I’m vegetarian and I’m geting sick of tofu and veggie burgers for my protein.
        I wish you the best of luck and thanks for replying. enjoy the delicious food in your lovely cruise.

      • For my vitamins, I get them from a local grocery store, but mostly I am OK because of the fish I eat. Are you a true vegetarian (i.e. no eggs/cheese?) or I’m sorry, I don’t know the other term 😦 Vitamins include :Women’s One a Day x 2, Calcium/magnesum/zinc x 2, Potassium Gluconate x2 (or x3 if i get leg cramps) and I take Biotin separately, which helps strengthen hair and nails.

        I’d say with the protein, if you absolutely must, use the whey protein powdered drinks, since your body won’t really be needing to “go back” to learn how to digest steaks etc. again.

  2. Biotin is primarily, what makes up your hair and nails; this vitamin is not manufactured within the human body; instead it is received through the consumption of foods such as green peas, egg yoke, nuts (particularly, walnuts), soybeans, boats, brown rice etc..A little known fact is that biotin and proteins bind very easily. When this occurs, it fails to reach the destination of hair and therefore hair loss will increase. Accordingly, it would be best to avoid all different kinds of protein powders and raw eggs..

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    • Gretta:
      Unfortunately , on the Ideal Protein diet it is pretty much a requirement to eat the packets, even as the alternative method. However because of this, Biotin is supplemented through multi-vitamins or Biotin as a stand alone supplement.

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